Hedgehogs here at Motorcity Hedgehogs are fed a mix of high quality dry cat foods along with spikes delite hedgehog food. Since hedgehogs are insectivores, they are also supplemented with mealworms. Since these are high in fat, they should be used as treats, not the main food. There are foods they should never have: raw veggies, raisins, peanuts, grapes, junk food, seeds. When introducing new foods to your hedgehog, only use one food at a time. This is to make sure your pet does not have an allergy to any foods.

Motorcity Hedgehogs offers full cage setups

Motorcity Hedgehogs offers full cage setups


Hedgehogs need a large single level cage with a solid plastic bottom. Your basic cage setup should include the following: 12″ solid plastic wheel ABSOLUTELY NO WIRE WHEELS, igloo, fleece pouch, water bottle/dish, and food dish. These are just the basic must haves, you can always add some extras such as toys or more snugglies.


We use Equine Fresh, which is a pelleted pine bedding. Some other safe options are Yesterdays news, Fresh news, and fleece liners. NEVER use cedar, it is toxic! Kiln dried pine and aspen are safe for them also.


Hedgehogs require warmer temps than a lot of other pets. Between 75-80 degrees is a safe zone. If they go below that you risk hibernation, which can lead to death.

Ask us about our full range of hedgehog supplies

Ask us about our full range of hedgehog supplies

Vet visits:

It is important to have a licensed exotic vet lined up before you bring your hedgehog home. They do not require any vaccinations, but a yearly check up is a good idea.

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