Motorcity Hedgehog Policies

Health Guarantee:

All hedgehogs born at Motorcity Hedgehogs will come with a lifetime WHS guarantee and will be replaced free of charge (not including shipping) to the original buyer, should this problem arise. A necropsy report from an approved vet showing positive WHS must be provided. All babies born here also come with a 1 year genetic health guarantee. If your hedgehog should pass before 1 year of age, I will replace it free of charge (not including shipping) to the original buyer, replacement hedgehog must be of equal or lesser value. A necropsy report MUST be provided from an approved vet stating the problem was hereditary or present at birth. This does NOT cover improper care/diet, injury, accident, etc. Motorcity Hedgehogs is not responsible for any veterinary costs incurred. There will be no replacements given without a necropsy from a licensed exotic animal veterinarian -NO EXCEPTIONS!



A $25 deposit is required to reserve a particular baby. This will be deducted from your total price at pickup. Deposits may be paid through paypal, plus a $1 fee to cover charges (so $26 total), to motorcityhedgehogs@yahoo.com. You will notice there is a cash discount when paying for your baby. For example, cash price: $185, credit/paypal price $193. Deposits are non-refundable.

If you are not sure a hedgehog is the right fit for your family you are welcome to come visit, and handle/play with some of the hedgehogs. There is a $10 fee for this, paid in advance, and you will get a 1/2 hour of play time. I hate doing this but due to people not showing up for appointments I have decided this is the best way to go about it. If you should end up purchasing a hedgehog during that visit the $10 will be applied to your total. If you do not purchase one that same visit, it will not. I will no longer set up appointments without one of these fees being paid for. If you pay your $10 and schedule an appointment day/time, and you are unable to make it or need to reschedule, I will require 12 hour notice. Without this notice you will forfeit your $10 appointment fee. One last thing, PLEASE be on time for your appointments. Certain times of the year are our busy times, and we may have several visits in a short time frame. It is very important to be on time so that you are not taking up part of someone else’s time. If you are running late, please don’t be afraid to call BEFORE your scheduled time to let me know. I will give a 1/2 hour grace period on appointments if I do not hear from you. After that 1/2 hour you will lose your slot and your deposit.

If there is a current waiting list, when it is your turn to pick a baby I will contact you via email or phone, you will then have 24 hours from the time I contact you before I move on to the next person in line. Before placing a deposit on a particular baby, please email to be sure that one is still available.

Returning a hedgehog:

We do not believe pet ownership is something that should be taken lightly. Please do your research before deciding to purchase a hedgehog. Our refunds are as follows:


  • Within 10 days: 50% refund
  • Within 30 days: 25% refund
  • Anything over this time period- there will be no refund given but we will gladly take the hedgehog back as a rescue. There will be no refunds for supplies purchased.


I do ship occasionally. Shipping is expensive, generally between $200-$300, this includes airfare, health certificate, vet check, shipping crate, plus transportation to the airport. I will not ship to states/locations where hedgehogs are illegal. When picking up your baby at our home, please bring a secure carrier with you for transport. If you are unable to pick up your baby within 7 days of the ready to go date, the baby must be paid for in full. There will be a charge of $3 per day after the 7 days. If you are unable to pick up your baby within 2 weeks of the ready to go date, then you will forfeit any money that has been paid toward the animal, unless prior arrangements are made.

*Please remember there are no public bathrooms at our facility.


Yes, all of my hedgehogs are pedigreed. However, due to so many “backyard breeders” popping up, I no longer will give out litter names or pedigrees unless you are a USDA breeder. This is to protect the reputation of my herd. I take pride in the fact that my lines are healthy, and do not want my herd’s reputation tarnished because of an irresponsible person breeding pet store hedgehogs, or “mill” hedgehogs that have no known lineage.


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