Welcome to Motorcity Hedgehogs


BABY LESSER TENRECS ARE HERE!!  Photo: It's time to let go of one of the baby Tenrecs. This sweet boy is available to an approved home. Price is $650. This will be the only litter until next spring. Born June 8.

Motorcity Hedgehogs is a USDA licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs and Lesser Tenrecs, located in Hartland, Michigan. Our goal is to breed healthy, well socialized pets. We are a home based facility, therefore making it possible to spend several hours per day with our hedgehogs.

Welcome to Motorcity Hedgehogs!

Welcome to Motorcity Hedgehogs!

Plan on spending time here learning about your potential new pet. This will include answering any questions you may have and also handling some of our own hedgehogs. We want everyone well prepared when it’s time to bring your new pet home.

Visitors are welcome by appointment. Call us at 810-355-5381